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My Personal Presentation

Hi my name is Danna Camila Tamayo Manrique

I was born in the hospital Federico Lleras of Ibague Tolima on 4 August 1998 on 3 July 1997.

I live in the center Street 72 No. 8-67

My dad works in mechanics of motorcycles and cars.

My mom works at secretariat.

I have one sister and I am the youngest of the two.

I have a cat his name is nauta.

My favorite food is pizza.

My personality very cheerful, Responsible and devoted.

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I will study in the academy of photography Zona 5 in Bogotá.

I will study photography professional.

I like to hip hop dance.

My Favorite team is Football Club Barcelona.

My biggest fear is the rats

This is my family, is composed of my dad, mom, sister, cat and I.

These are my friends, with whom I spend most of my time.

This is the photo output ibagué in which we had a good

With my Friends in the pool "Los Naranjos".

I admire my mom because is the person who supports me and raised me with values and much responsibility.

I would love to travel to Buenos Aires because it is a beautiful country, full of many landscapes and highly cultured.

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